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27 Seconds
The Art House, Wakefield, UK.
Part of Wakefield Art Walk, 2022.

25th May, 2022.

Did you know the average time spent in front of an artwork in a gallery is 27 seconds?

In May 2022, lewis joined his fellow masters students to hold an exhibition at the Wakefield Art House titled '27 seconds'. The influence behind the exhibition was to challenge the average time the viewer spends in front of an artwork. Each artist made a specially made artwork for the show drawing heavily on their own ideas and sculpting them around individual boxes with dimensions of 27cm x 27cm x 27cm. In doing so, each artist highlights the overall intention and aim of the exhibition to challenge the average time spent in front of an artwork.

What does 27 seconds feel like?

What will you take away from that time?

What will you gain if you lingered?

27 IV.jpg
27 II.jpg
27 I.jpg

'Contained Wanderer'


Rock, Wood and Paint.

27cm x 27cm 27cm

As the name suggests, this artwork made specifically for this show was related to the 'Wanderer' series of photographs. Investigating the origins of some of today's elements in the early solar system and the possible origins of water molecules in the form of ice traveling on wandering meteors.

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