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Curated by Juliana Lauletta.

30th July - 13th August. 2022.
Espaco Ira Rebella, R. iI Sogno Di Anarello, 88, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In July 2022, Lewis's work 'Destruction of Our Pale Blue Dot I, II, III & IV was selected to participate in the Interlude group show. Artworks within the exhibition were inspired by ideas and concepts surrounding time, Sound & Emotions. 

The drawings are created over an elapsed time period as ice blocks melt into the Indian ink to create the drawing. Echoing the notion of our planet losing its sea ice and we only have a short amount of time left to reverse this damage before it’s too late. With our activities across the planet increasing the harmful gases within our atmosphere, the oceans are no longer capable of absorbing any more carbon dioxide and accelerating the effects of climate change. Our planet once referred to by Carl Sagan as a ‘Pale Blue Dot’, is suffering and dying


The 'Interlude Exhibition' presents an array of artworks that have been inspired, in various ways, by sound, time, and emotions. It showcases the distinct voices, artistry, and creative capacity of a diverse group of international artists exploring the concept of 'interlude' as a bridge between the art and the public.

Taken from the Interlude webpage.

Poster Interlude Web.jpg
Interlude Stories 1.jpg
All Images Courtesy of Juliana Lauletta.
Interlude I.jpg
Interlude II.jpg

'Destruction of Our Pale Blue Dot I, II, III & IV'' on display in The Interlude exhibition.

Interlude V.jpg
Interlude IV.jpg

Photographs from the opening of 'Interlude'.

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