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Curated by Juliana Lauletta.

4th - 18th March. 2023.
Echo's Studio. Rua Pelotas, 400 - Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In March 2023, Lewis's work 'Supernova XIV' was selected to participate in the Narrativas group exhibition. 

'Narrativas' is an international exhibition that explores the stories behind the artworks.


It brings together 32 artists from 19 different countries. Showcasing established and emerging artists side by side.

Taken from the Narrativas webpage.

Narrativas EN
All Images Courtesy of Juliana Lauletta.
Narrativas IV.jpg
Narrativas III.jpg

'Supernova XIV' on display in The Narrativas exhibition.

Narrativas II.jpg

Photographs from the opening of 'Narrativas'.

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