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RAID Exhibit
Espacio Gallery

Reality and its disorders

Degrees of Freedom invited artists to respond to the new currents that have shaped their lives for a physical exhibition at the Espacio Gallery 9-19th September 2020.
In their response artists shared the mundane as well as transformational impact of the past few months on their lives.  Looking ahead and beyond, sometimes inside and sideways, the works in the exhibition bring together very different perspectives on that experience. 

Using strategies ranging from humor and playfulness to forensic attention to the body, the works examine states of mind, the new rituals for interaction, the heightened role of touch, and the dance of the body between danger and desire.

Curated by Ahmed Farooqui for the Degrees of Freedom artist group.

More information about the exhibition here.

Dof Gallery 1.jpg

Espacio Gallery. 'Reality & It's Disorders' Exhibition.

QL 6 7 Dof.jpg

Quarantined Light #6 & #7 on display.

Lewis QL 6 7.jpg

Lewis Andrews with Quarantined Lights #6 & #7. September 2020.

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