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Curated by Juliana Lauletta.

18th November - 18t December 2021.
Echo's Studio, R.pelotas, 400 - Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In November 2021, Lewis's work 'Corpse was selected to participate in the Sonora group show. Artworks within the exhibition were inspired by various sounds and music. 'Corpse' visualises the remanats of a dead star. Neutron stars are the remains of the core of the former star that are rapidly rotating making a pulse everytime they rotate. These pulses are detectable here on earth and within this artwork they are translated into sound. Through Corpse a window is opened between the viewer and these distant dancers of the Cosmos.


Sonora Exhibition explores the influence of sound and music on the visual arts.

Artists are often inspired by sonorous stimuli and use musical rhythms, structures, feelings and tones in their work to transform one art form into another.

Each artwork will be presented with their own audio source of inspiration to offer the visitors a wider-sensory experience. Aiming to enhance the synergy between the two creative fields, simultaneously speaking to our intellect, imagination and physical senses.


Taken from the Sonora Webpage.

Sonora International Poster.jpg
Sonora Poster.jpg

'Corpse' on display in Sonora exhibition.

'Corpse'. 2020.

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