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The New Artist
Boomer Gallery

4th - 10th February.
Tower Bridge, London.

In the last hundred years, humankind has seen unprecedented innovations and changes- from skyscrapers to the moon landing to social media to human rights to Art. In this very moment in our society everything moves really fast, time doesn’t seem sufficient anymore, artists seem to find their path much harder, and the ongoing changes create a need for a continuous state of Transcendence. The aim of this exhibition is to find out what is the trend in contemporary art and to create a dialogue between the artists and the viewers.


Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 23.44.02.png
Boomer Gallery 04_02_22 1.jpg
Supernova XVIII   32x32.jpg
Forge III  32x32.jpg

'Supernova XVIII (left) & Forge III'' on display in The New Artist exhibition.

Boomer Gallery 04_02_22-_Y1A9415.jpg
Boomer Gallery 04_02_22-_Y1A8806.jpg
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