Uniting Sun Photo Submission

Would you like to make a submission to the Uniting Sun project?


Please follow the rules below.

Free to enter.


Do not look directly at the sun without eye protection!

This includes the viewfinder on a camera. Possible eye damage can result.


Follow your country’s social distancing / Lockdown rules for COVID 19

(e.g do not photograph in a large group and keep your distance from others)


No Nudity, Offensive material, or gestures.


No silly Icons or Emojis.


Colour and Monochrome aloud.

Any mode of photography aloud (e.g camera, light-sensitive paper, etc.)

You do not need to show your face if you don't want to.

Send your photos along with:

Your name:

(doesn't need to be the full name if you don't want it)


(not essential)



Photo/ artwork  name:

(if applicable)

Website / Instagram:

(If applicable)