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Watching The Sun: Virtual Residency 

Watching the Sun: Virtual Residency was created as an opportunity for multidisciplinary artists to be inspired by a rich mix of creative provocations, with input from astronomy specialists, archaeoastronomers, and astrophysicists, all of whom are connected via their practice to the theme of watching the universe.

This residency was produced by Mayes Creative, was presented in association with the Royal Astronomical Society, and was kindly supported by CLLD using EU Funding.

This group residency took place virtually between Monday 30th November and Friday 4th December 2020. During the course, participants had access to a relevant collection of assets from previous residencies and projects, a network of arts-science professionals, and ongoing supported opportunities to workshop, discuss and share ideas with a group of like-minded people.

More information is available from the Mayes creative website.

© Copyright 2020 Mayes creative.

Ancient Furnaces

Created whilst participating in the Mayes Creative - Watching the sun: Virtual Arts - Science Residency 2020 the 'Ancient Furnaces' series of drawings were created to highlight the process nuclear fusion process of stars and the resulting elements produced. Following in the footsteps of the early Cosmos drawings, the 'Ancient Furnaces' (as well as increasing the scale of the drawings) highlights more on the nuclear fusion process that results in the creation of new elements as well as further interpretations of a star's death in a supernova.

Collaboration artworks with David Ian Bickley.
Additional information gathered from this residency went on to play a crucial role in the creation of the 'Reprocessed Stellar Medium' Artworks.
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