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30 / 30

1st - 30th April 2022.
30 Artworks, 30 Days.

30 / 30 is a month-long project for makers where participants are required to submit a new piece of work every day for the month of April. If they fail to submit something one day, they are out of the project. The project is open to everyone and any medium is encouraged. In 2022 over 432 artists of all ages are participating from 21 countries around the world.

Copyright 12oCollective, 2022.

Symphony Atomic
Indian ink on Paper & Digitally Enhanced Drawing.

The resulting artworks from the project investigate and examine the long history of the atomic element Carbon. the idea of trying to condense down the entire history of Carbon as an element into 30 days and 30 artworks proved to be a considerable challenge. Focusing on Carbon's most significant moments and its most valuable contributions, "Symphony Atomic" offers a brief snapshot of the extensive history of the life cycles, history, and contributions of Carbon. Bringing all of the snapshots together to create the entire storyline completes the symphony.

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