INSITU Issue #3.

April 2021. Curated by TSDAP, SHIM Art Network & Susak Press.

Available to view on the TSDAP website.





'Artists Responding too...'. issue 6. 

February 2021. Curated by Polly Bates.

Available to view on the Artists Responding too website.

'Haus-a-Rest: Issue #8 The Environment Issue' - Jenna Fox - December 2020.



'A Celebration of Colour'

Chroma zone Magazine, Issue #1.

1st December 2020. Curated by Emily Harling.




'68 Million' Online Zine.

16th July 2020. Curated and Produced by Lewis Andrews.

The production of ATP through cellular respiration has been written alongside artworks from '68 Million' for a glimpse into the full story behind '68 Million'.

Download/ View below.




'Gathering Zine'

11th July 2020.

Curated & Produced by Clara Searle, Federico Clavarino, June C. Huebner & Pui Kan.

A collaboration between MRes RCA & The Design Museum, London.

Download the Gathering Zine below.

'RegenerArt: Resilience & Hope'

22nd June 2020. Curated and Produced by Juliana Lauletta.

E-book version available to view below.

'Haus-a-Rest: Issue #1 The Studio Issue" - Jenna Fox - 18th May 2020.

'Psychasthenia' E-Book

 17th May 2020. Curated by Nanohour.

Quarantined Light Group Zine

15th May 2020 

Produced and curated by Lewis Andrews.

Featuring:  Stephanie McWilliamsJeremy GluckSangesSophie BurlisonTeri AndersonMelanie King, Jack RientoulThom Longdin,  Marcus Dryland,  Bonnie BrownDaniel LovedayLouise BeerBarbara JonesBethany MarettMatilda BaileySonia Ben AchouraAurelie CrisetigNatsumi JonesNick Bieber & Helen Jones.

Origins & Art: A Possible Link to the Cosmos - 23rd April 2020.

Produced by Lewis Andrews.

Penny Thoughts - Snitch - Issue #32 - p.1 section 6 - 'Supernova 26'

Dwell Time Issue 2  - Dwell time -  March 2020 - P.10 - 'Intervention'