Lewis Andrews is a Fine Artist based in Leeds, United Kingdom. His work specializes in dealing with complex thoughts, ideas, and facts within nature and science. Some explore those in which we seem to be overshadowed and overpowered in comparison by the vast distances, size or quantities. Others investigate moments of extreme power, creation, and rebirth. Questioning our relationships, place, and role within the universe, environment and natural spaces.


The process of creation from the viewpoint of science has been a great interest to the artist. The idea that almost everything we know, love and see every day has been created by stars that died billions of years ago has been explored within Lewis’s practice. The origins series of artworks communicate this knowledge through the use of scientific instruments like the periodic table and chemical elements. Turning each object into an investigation of its links with the outer reaches of the cosmos, the chemical components within and then tracing back their origins to the death of a star. Whilst being informal, the artworks open up discussions and thoughts about how we look at the universe and reaffirm that we didn’t just come from the cosmos but are actively a part of it.

A large amount of Lewis’s work touches on early romantic theories of the sublime. Taking inspiration from theories in A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful by Edmund Burke and Theories suggested by Immanuel Kant, the artist looks for moments, processes or cycles within nature which can possibly generate some of these notions of the sublime. In doing so, Lewis hopes to give the viewer an understanding into just how powerful nature can be.


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