Nature, Science & The Sublime.

Lewis Andrews is a Fine Artist based in Leeds, United Kingdom. His work specializes in dealing with complex thoughts, ideas, and facts within nature and science. Some explore those in which we seem to be overshadowed and overpowered in comparison by the vast distances, size or quantities. Others investigate moments of extreme power, creation, and rebirth on a molecular scale or on a scale comparable to that of the universe. Questioning our relationships, place, and role within the universe, environment and natural spaces.



Lewis Andrews moved to Leeds in 2016 to study at BA(Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Arts University.  Graduating in 2019, lewis continues to work in Leeds.

Lewis has participated in exhibitions up and down the country.  

Lewis held his first solo show 186,000mi/s whilst studying at Leeds Arts University in 2018 at Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK.


Lewis was one of the artists picked to participate in the Aon Community Art Awards programme 2019 running through to 2021 with his oceanic sublime photography work being displayed in Aon Headquarters, London.  


In 2019, Lewis was one of the selected artists to participate in Lumen collective's 'Natural Light' Exhibition' at Air Gallery, Altrincham, UK. The exhibition and accompanying workshops were successful in receiving Arts Council Funding supporting the show. In late 2019 Lewis displayed two projection works at Coventry Cathedral as part of 'Open projections'. One on the 15h November and the other on New Years Eve 2019.


During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, Lewis participated in an extensive range of online exhibitions and publications.

A few examples include 'Lost in Isolation' by the Void Collective, 'Unmasked' by the Impulse Movement and The Virtual Art Fair - 'Third Edition'.

Various publications online featured Lewis's Work during the 2020 Pandemic. these include 'RegenerArt: Resilience & Hope' produced by Juliana Lauretta, 'Psychasthenia' E-Book' curated by NanoHour and 'The 'Gathering Zine' by a collaboration between MRes RCA & The Design Museum, London.

Lewis himself held three exhibitions through his website and published three online publications during the pandemic. This included the 'Quarantined Light' Online exhibition and zine featuring artworks from 21 artists.

In September 2020 after the UK national lockdown, Lewis was selected to participate in 'Reality and It's Disorders' by the Degrees of Freedom Collective at Espacio Gallery, London. The exhibition featured works from various artists and performers with all the work reflecting on the three months in national lockdown and the pandemic.

In September 2020, lewis enrolled onto the MA Fine Art programme at Leeds Arts University where the artist is currently studying.

In October 2020, Lewis moved into Aire Places Studios, Leeds where he now continues to work on his art practice. The following month in November 2020, Lewis was selected to participate in the Mayes Creative Watching the Sun: Virtual Residency alongside other artists with an interest in astronomy and ancient astrology.


In April 2021, the 'Quarantined Light' series of photographs were featured within 'Insitu' Issue #3 Curated by TSDAP (The Social Distance Art Project), SHIM Art Network & Susak Press.

In May 2021, Lewis was selected for the 2021 exhibition of 'Ones to Watch' exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Farsley, West Yorkshire. Alongside the opening of 'Ones to Watch', Lewis's 'Poisoned Atmosphere works' were featured with the Virtual Art Fair Art Prize online exhibition.

Alongside these two exhibitions, Lewis participated in the Mayes creative 'Starlight' virtual arts - science residency follow up to the November 2020 watching the sun residency, which at this time had a publication published and included within the Royal Astronomy Society Archive.

In late July 2021, Lewis was selected to participate in the 'Distance Domestic' exhibition. Curated by Co.Curation, the exhibition reflected on the role of the Home and domestic space in a time of Covid and social distancing.

The exhibition featured Quarantined Light #6 & #7.

Mayes creative's 'Ancient Materials' Virtual Arts - Science residency was the sixth online residency in which lewis participated. The residency took place in October 2021 and resulted in the creation of the 'Wanderer' artwork series and 'Corpse II, III, IV'.

In November 2021, Lewis participated in his first international exhibition 'Sonora'. Featuring the artwork 'Corpse I', the exhibition featured artworks from artists inspired by various sounds and music.


In January 2022, The 'Wanderer' artworks featured in the 'Above & Below' arts - science publication from Mayes Creative following on from the October 2021 residency.

February 2022 featured an exhibition in Tower Bridge, London with Boomer Gallery featuring two of the 'Carbon - Cosmos' drawings. 

Lewis's work returned to Echo studios in March 2022 for the 'Chronos' exhibition featuring four of 'The Destruction of Our Pale Blue Dot' drawings. A few days apart, another drawing from the same series featured in Frontier Gallery's exhibition 'The Environment' a little closer to home in Sheffield, UK. 

A few days after both exhibitions, lewis work featured in the 'Print-It' exhibition at Aire Place Studios in early April.

Late April 2022 saw the publication of 'Artists Responding too...' Issue #2 Magazine curated by Polly Bates featuring Lewis's 'Destructive Carbon' drawings touching upon the urgent action needed to tackle air pollution.

Whilst participating within these individual endeavours, Lewis participated in the 30 / 30 project from 12oCollective. Artists signed up to project from around the world for the project in which each artist produced one artwork per day for every day within the month of April. The resulting artwork of 30 individual pieces 'Symphony Atomic' was the product of Lewis's time on the project.

May 2022, Lewis joins with fellow artists of the Masters Fine Art department of Leeds Arts University for the group exhibition at Wakefield Art House '27 Seconds' featuring a one-off artwork 'Contained Wanderer' and sister artwork to the 'Wanderer' photographic series.

Soon after, another specially made artwork 'Extremity Beacon (Trinity)' is commissioned by Holy Trinity Church, Leeds for their permanent collection. Embodying similar themes and ideas to it's sister series 'Extremity', the artwork connects the Church to heavens in a possible source of hope.

In July 2022, Lewis completed the Masters Degree in Fine Art at Leeds Arts University.


Alongside completing his masters degree, Lewis displayed work in the APS members show and 'Summer' exhibition at Open Gallery, Halifax, Leeds. Soon after, Lewis also featured in the 'Flora' exhibition at Open Gallery.


On the 14th of July, Lewis partnered with his fellow Masters artists to hold the 'A Tittering of Magpies' exhibition at the Middle Floor, Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

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