Lewis Andrews is a Fine Artist based in Leeds, United Kingdom. His work specializes in dealing with complex thoughts, ideas, and facts within nature and science. Some explore those in which we seem to be overshadowed and overpowered in comparison by the vast distances, size or quantities. Others investigate moments of extreme power, creation, and rebirth on a molecular scale or on a scale comparable to that of the universe. Questioning our relationships, place, and role within the universe, environment and natural spaces.



The idea that almost everything we know, love and see every day has been created by stars that died billions of years ago has been explored within Lewis’s practice. The origins series of artworks turn each object into an investigation of its links with the outer reaches of the cosmos, the chemical components within and then tracing back their origins to the death of a star. Other artworks like the Star series of digital drawings are intended to picture stars as life-giving entities of immense power. Creating elements that will seed the cosmos when the star dies and will go on to shape new stars like our own sun which in turn creates us. During their life however whilst creating the elements in their cores they are capable of great destruction through intense radiation, heat, and light.


Recent drawings involving materials that originated within the hearts of dying supergiant stars open up discussions and thoughts about how we look at the universe and reaffirm that we didn’t just come from the cosmos but are actively a part of it. The carbon within the drawings is also present within you, me, our machines and every other living being on earth. Through all of these artworks bridges are built between the work and viewer collapsing down vast distances and stretches of time both past, present and future to understand our role within the cycle of the universe.


A large amount of Lewis’s work touches on early romantic theories of the sublime. Taking inspiration from theories in A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful by Edmund Burke and Theories suggested by Immanuel Kant, the artist looks for moments, processes or cycles within nature which can possibly generate some of these notions of the sublime. Questioning our place within nature when confronted with an entity or event that possesses a greater presence, power or action.


The ocean has been and continues to be a stimulation of beauty and awe for most people. Lewis’s artworks involving the ocean touches upon its destructive power coupled with its ability to spiritually heal and discover ourselves. Upon confrontation with the immense power, the artist hopes to engage the audience in a pleasuring experience through the underlying terror and awe-inducing visual spectacle.

The documentation of silent dominance of the land can be equally powerful. The paramountcy series documents rocky features & mountainous landscapes within the landscape. These solid structures stand either together or alone with tallness and might, echoing an authority over the landscape. These immovable objects rest silently for now but make their presence known. Over time they may erode away, but while they are here in the present, these structures remain dominant. 

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Solo Shows: 

2018 - '186,000mi/s', 23rd - 25th November, Wharf Chambers, Middle Floor, Leeds, UK.

2020 - 'Origins', 27th March - 3rd April, Online. www.lewisandrewsartwork.com.

2020 - '68 Million', 1st - 10th July, Online. www.lewisandrewsartwork.com.

Group Shows:

2017 - 'Ynot',  28th - 30th April, Wharf Chambers, Middle Floor, Leeds, UK. 

2018 - 'TWO',  4th - 6th May,  Wharf Chambers, Middle Floor, Leeds, UK. 

2018 - 'Meraki',  April 24th,  Hyde Park Book Club, Hyde Park, Leeds, UK. 

2019 - '[CTRL + C]'Front Room,  12th - 13th February, 201 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, UK.

2019- 'LIVE', Front Room,  28th - 29th March, 201 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, UK.

2019 - 'Blinked',  7th June -  14th June, Leeds Arts University, Blenheim Walk, Leeds, UK.

2019 - 'Blinked', 4th - 8th July, Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, London, UK.

2020 - 'Interstellar Medium', 23rd April - 7th May. Online. www.lewisandrewsartwork.com & www.ellenbarratt.com.


2020 - 'Uniting Sun Project'. online. www.lewisandrewsartwork.com 12th May - 30th June.

2020 - 'Quarantined Light', 15th - 29th May, Online. www.lewisandrewsartwork.com.


Selected Group Shows:

2018 - 'Denouement',  28th September - 12th October, Old Red Bus Station, 104 Vicar Lane, Leeds, UK.

2019 - Conscious Creatives Grow Wild Exhibition,  13th March,  Hyde Park Book Club, UK. 

2019 - 'To The Moon',  12th May - 9th June, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell, UK.

2019 - 'We Belong Here: III', 21st September, Freedom mills, Washington Street, Leeds, UK

2019 - 2021 - St Ives 233 & St Ives 219,  The Leadenhall Building, London, UK, EC3V 4AN.

Aon Community Art Awards.

2019 - 'Bologneology', 21st October, Hyde Park Book Club, Hyde Park, Leeds, UK.

2019 - "Natural Light", 8th - 28th November, AIR Gallery, 30 Grosvenor Rd, Altrincham, UK.

2019 - Open projection 3: Chiaroscuro, 15th November, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, UK.

2019 - Open Projection 4: Spectacle, 31st December, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, UK.

2020 -  'Inside, Outside and Inbetween'. 10th April - 22nd May, Online. In Isolation Together, Art Core Gallery.

2020 - 'Coantivirus International Online Exhibition'. 11th April - closes when coronavirus pandemic stopsNY20+ &  We Need Art. Online. 

2020 - '2m Squared - CO(pe)VID 19 Archive'. 27th April. online. www.2msquared.net.

2020 - 'Psychasthenia'. 1st May. Online. Instagram - @psychasthenia_art.     

Psychasthenia E-Book

2020 - '600sqft'. 11th May. Online. Instagram - @600sqft.

2020 - 'Haus-a-Rest'. 12th May. Online. Instagram - @Haus_a_rest

2020 - 'materials & Actions'. 18th May. Online. Instagram - @doityourway_art

2020 - 'Lost In Isolation'. 26th May. Void Collective. Online. Lost in Isolation

2020 - 'Locked Up'. 12th - 16th June. Online.

2020 - 'Unmasked'. 19th June - 24th July. The Impulse Movement. Online.

2020 - 'Lockdown'. 1st July. Fronteer. Online. Instagram - @fronteerlockdown

2020 - 'The Virtual Art Fair - Third Edition'. 4th September. Online. TheVirtualArtFair.co.uk.

2020 - 'Reality and It's Disorders'. 9th - 19th September. Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green, London, UK.

Publications / Press:


2019 - ORBIT November Residency Programme, 10th - 17th November. @orrbbitt

Awards / Prizes & competitions:

Aon Community Art Awards - Selected - 2019 - 2021

Visual Art Open 2020 - Highly Commended.

Highly Commended - Young Creative Awards Nottingham 2015 

Creative Enterprise Scholarship 2016 Erasmus+ certificate  - Central College Nottingham


Art Lab at Dean Clough - 4th November - Fletchers Mill, Old Ln, Halifax.

Graduate Forum at Leeds Arts University - 13th December - Blenheim Walk, Leeds.

Origins & Art. Lewis Andrews. - CFPR Seminar / UWE - 19th August 2020 - Online.


Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art - Leeds Arts University - 1st Class Honours

Level 3 BTEC Diploma Art and Design - Central College Nottingham - Distinction

level 2 BTEC Diploma Art and Design - Central College Nottingham - Distinction




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Lewis Andrews

Fine Artist & Photographer.

Email:  lewisandrewsart1997@hotmail.com