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Death of the Universe

​'Death of the Universe' explores the three current theories on the eventual 'end' of the universe. Greatly depending on the future properties of the ever-mysterious Dark Energy of which 68% of the universe is theorised to be, the current theories point towards either 'Heat Death' (being the most likely at the moment), 'The Big Crunch' or 'The Big Rip'. Dark Energy could remain constant or become stronger or weaker compared to gravity as the universe ages thus changing the eventual 'death' of the universe. Through each sub-series in the 'Death of the Universe' drawings, each of the outcomes is explored in more detail and analysed to bring the viewer forward through time to watch the events and ramifications of whichever route dark energy will progress down and in turn bring forth the 'end' of the universe. 

Heat Death - Dark Energy remains Constant.
Heat Death COMPLETE.jpg
Heat Death I - XIV

Indian ink on Watercolour Paper. 210mm x 297mm. 2024.
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