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Touching upon the deaths of stars that already passed away thousands or millions of years prior, 'Merge' focuses on the collisions between neutron stars. Spiraling in on each other, eventually colliding neutron stars cause another immense transient astronomical event called a 'Kilonova' (also know as a macronova). 'Merge' offers the viewer an impossible front row seat viewpoint into one of these titanic collisions.


During this event, more heavy elements are fused and ejected into the cosmos. It is theorised that most heavy elements have originated from collisions between neutron stars. so it is possible that not only did a star have to die in a supernova to create the elements that would one day create our planet and ourselves. It is also possible that the corpse of that star had to collide with another corpse to create some of the elements within ourselves and our civilisation.

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