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Quarantined Light

‘My friend less than a mile away can feel the same light and heat from the same sun’.



The quarantined light series of photographs document moments where even when it seems that we’re all separated and isolated, we’re still connected to the delicate cycles of nature and the cosmos.


Every day, photons of light strike the earth. After traveling roughly 92,955,934 miles in just over 8 minutes from the surface of the sun, this new light streams down onto my front garden and through my windows and touches down on our walls, floors, plants, or ourselves. Providing life-giving light and heat to nourish our souls and thoughts during a time of great uncertainty. We’re all connected to each other through these beams of light.


Through our dear sun, unaffected by the current situation playing out on our planet, we are still deeply connected to each other and nature. Re-establishing a deep connection that everyone in these times can feel at different points across the globe.

Older Quarantined Light

The light from our sun is not the only natural light to reach earth. Equally, this much older light gives a sense of hope and comfort in times where anxieties run at an all time high.

Simply gaze up at night.

Into a garden of lights.

Older Quarantined Light 1.jpg

Older Quarantined light #1. 2020.

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