Quarantined Night

The Quarantined Night series examines the garden of lights that continue to dance in the night sky above our heads during a time where a distraction that brought joy and wonder was welcomed. Similar in intention to the Quarantined Light photographs examining the light from the sun, these photos examine the garden of lights above our heads at night.


“Light possibly thousands of years old continues to dance across the night sky, whilst I couldn’t even leave my small flat. I can tell you that once your 5 days into a 14 self-isolation, any sight bringing joy is welcome.”


Once again family and friends can see the same stars as myself when these photographs were taken. We were connected in the evening by looking at these much older beams of light streaming down from the heavens. 


At once, myself and friends were connected to the immensity of the cosmos as well as ourselves. The light from some of these stars, which can be otherwise seen as ‘Mighty suns light years away’ in the words of Carl Sagan, is hundreds possibly thousands of years older than the light we see from our sun every day. While I couldn’t move a little over 10 meters from one side of my flat to the over, these beams of light have crossed vast nothingness to reach to lens of my camera.