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Reprocessed Stellar medium

The ‘Reprocessed Stellar Medium’ series of digitally enhanced drawings attempts to reintroduce the elements that went into the making of a physical drawing into the interstellar medium (ISM). The interstellar medium is the matter that can occupy the space between stars. It's a collection of elements with predominately Hydrogen and Helium. These can become areas where stars are born. When supergiant stars die in supernovae the elements that were fused within their cores are blasted out into space and mixed with the interstellar medium.

'Reprocessed Stellar Medium' attempts to return the Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen within the physical drawing into the ISM using digital software. Researching the methods and techniques astronomers use to map out the elements in existing nebulas, the drawings are returned to the ISM. The digitally enhanced drawings are also a glimpse into the future of the elements that make our planet and sun once their life cycle comes to an end and the elements return to the interstellar medium.

Reprocessed Wreckage

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