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Thoughts and encounters relating to our closest star seem to often get overlooked. Our Sun continues to bathe our planet in life-giving light as it has done for billions of years. However, not many of us stop to think about some of the simple information about our closest star that can bridge the distance and make us feel more connected to our dear star than we are already. It may be 92,955,869 miles away, however, you are closer than you think through the photons that continue to arrive at Earth every day.



Photograph & Giclee Prints on paper. 2019. 420mm x 594mm (x2).

‘Intervention’ investigates the distance that light has travelled in just over the 8-minute journey from the sun's surface to the near surface of our planet. An intervention is in effect by raising your hand and blocking to light. The photons are stopped from reaching the ground. Re-establishing a link between the individual and the cosmos, the intimate relationship between us and our sun becomes apparent, and we could be seen as taking this light for granted.


Every day Billions of people walk across our planet whilst the light coming from our sun streams down into our atmosphere, basking us in warmth, nourishing life, and giving us the ability to use our eyes. Yet the photons that have travelled around 93 million miles have been denied from hitting the ground by the human figure casting a shadow on the floor. ‘Intervention’ presents the viewer with a question of the space we inhabit and where we belong within the universe with this simple act of denial towards subatomic particles.

Distance 2020

'Distance 2020'

Photograph & Giclee Prints on paper. 2020. 420mm x 594mm (x2).

Born out of the advice about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, 'Distance 2020' seeks to look beyond the immediate anxiety of what's happening outside our windows and instead seeks to re-affirm our relationship with an entity that could be considered very isolated.


While some people are getting upset about the distance we must stay apart from each other, the sun is much further from any of its own kind at 4.3 light-years. Despite this, it still provides us with life-giving warmth and light and continues to nourish our planet and our souls despite it being incredibly lonely.



Photograph & Giclee prints on paper. 2020. 420mm x 594mm (x2).



Photograph & Giclee prints on paper. 2020. 420mm x 594mm (x2).



Photograph & Giclee prints on paper. 2020. 420mm x 594mm (x3).

Old Light new.jpg

'Old Light'

Photograph & Giclee prints on paper. 2020. 420mm x 594mm (x2).

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