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Scientia Year

August 2022 - July 2023.

1 book every month
First two weeks - Read a book.
Last Two weeks - Produce artworks inspired by the Book.

'Scientia' is a self-directed project with the intent of improving my own knowledge and to utilise my practice as a conduit between art and science. 'Scientia' is a year long project in which I've learnt (and continue to learn) about concepts and ideas through a book and then attempt to translate those into an artwork for the audience to experience as an 'informative Encounter'.

Lewis Andrews


February 2023

March  2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

Aug 2022
Dark Matter - Brian Clegg.jpg
August 2022.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy:
The Hidden 95% of Our Universe

Brian Clegg


297mm x 420mm.

Text. 2022.

Halo I - V

420mm x 594mm.

Digitally Enhanced Drawing. 2022.

The 'Halo' series of digitally enhanced drawings touch upon the theorised properties of dark matter and it's ability to hold galaxy clusters within a series of threads, filaments and halo-like shapes. Zooming out, if you could visualise this architecture of our universe, it would appear to almost be a vast cosmic web.

Redshift I - VIII

210mm x 297mm.

Indian Ink & Ink on Watercolour Paper. 2022.

The 'Redshift' drawings visualise the very distant galaxies of the universe. The further photons of light travel across the cosmos, the more redshifted the light becomes on the spectrum. With Dark energy accelerating the expansion of the universe, there will come a time in the far future long after humanity that all galaxies apart from our own may be become redshifted. 

Sep 2022
September 2022.

A Biography of Water.

Philip Ball

Biography of Water

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420mm x 594mm. Photographs. 2022