Scientia Year

August 2022 - July 2023.

1 book every month
First two weeks - Read a book.
Last Two weeks - Produce artworks inspired by the Book.

'Scientia' is a self-directed project with the intent of improving my own knowledge of our planet and to utilise my practice as a conduit between art and science. 'Scientia' is an almost year long project in which I've learnt about concepts and ideas through a book and then attempt to translate those into an artwork for the audience to experience as an 'informative Encounter'.

Lewis Andrews

Dark Matter - Brian Clegg.jpg
August 2022.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy:
The Hidden 95% of Our Universe

Brian Clegg


297mm x 420mm.

Text. 2022.

Halo I - V

420mm x 594mm.

Digitally Enhanced Drawing. 2022.

Redshift I - VIII

210mm x 297mm.

Indian Ink & Ink on Watercolour Paper. 2022.

September 2022.

A Biography of Water.

Philip Ball

Biography of Water


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420mm x 594mm. Photographs. 2022