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SMBH - Supermassive Black Holes

'SMBH' arose after working on the 'Singularity' series of artworks during the 'Scientia ' project.


‘SMBH’ connects the distant monsters hiding in the cosmos with the delicate paradise of our pale blue dot. Astronomers managed to photograph not one but two shadows of black holes in recent years. A great achievement of not only science but humanity. For humanity, to photograph a black hole is not only a quest for the actual photograph. It’s a quest to travel to the edge of the unknown at the event horizon and to stare face to face with an object that currently turns of understanding of physics upside down. 'SMBH' differs from the 'Singularity' works as they attempt to look at the true titans of the cosmos hiding within the centres of galaxies. Their size becomes just as mindboggling as attempting to explain them with our understanding of physics.


Breaking down the distance between these colossal gravitational machines and the viewer, 'SMBH' has been created with the use of gravity on a much smaller scale. Created using a careful set up of light, water and gravity and then through various digital editing, the work attempts to open a window up close and personal with some of the true titans of the cosmos. Somewhere even light cannot escape if it strays too close.

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